Day 9 100 Days of Code

Day #8 was a general continuation of Day #7 - more notes - so no blog post on that. But I added an entry to the log here:

Today it was time to break up the monotony a bit with some Python exercises from this site:


“Define a function max() which takes two numbers and returns the larger of the two”

“Define a function max_of_three() which takes three numbers and returns the largest of the three”

“Define a function that computes the length of a given list or string. (It is true that Python has the len() function built in, but writing it yourself is nevertheless a good exercise.)”

“Write a function that takes a character (i.e. a string of length 1) and returns True if it is a vowel, False otherwise.”

Python code for these exercises are on my new GitHub repository here:

If this #100DaysOfCode is news to you, here’s day #1 with more information:

Published: January 18 2017