Day #7 100 Days of Code

Today I went back to “Learn Python the Hard Way” to complete Exercise 22, which instructs us to take notes and do a review of everything we’ve learned so far. Here’s how it’s mentioned:

First, go back through every exercise you have done so far and write down every word and symbol (another name for “character”) that you have used. Make sure your list of symbols is complete.

Next to each word or symbol, write its name and what it does. If you can’t find a name for a symbol in this book, then look for it online. If you do not know what a word or symbol does, then read about it again and try using it in some code.

So I did this and it took longer than an hour to get through eleven chapters. There’s a lot of good stuff in this book! So I’ll continue this tomorrow, and maybe Wednesday as well.

If this #100DaysOfCode is news to you, here’s day #1 with more information:

Published: January 16 2017