Newfoundland - May 2022

Monday, May 16, 2022

O'Brien's Boat Tour

These are all the photos from the first trip on O'Brien's whale and puffin boat tour.

This tour launches from Bay Bulls Harbor south of St. John's. It goes east into the North Atlantic ocean toward a small island called Gull Rock.

The puffins nest on this rock in the grassy parts at the top. There is a species of sea gull that nests on the rocky parts at the bottom.

There weren't too many puffins on the rock while we were circling, but there were plenty in the ocean getting lunch.

Even without a whale to watch or puffins to peek, this was a terrific tour. Living in a land-locked town it's incredibly rare to get time in a boat on the open ocean. The rest of these photos are just lovely.

Somewhere in the grassy tufts of this photo there are adult puffins building their nests in anticipation of their single egg.

Cape Spear Lighthouse