Day 1.2 - 100 Days of Code

Tons and Tons of CodeWars Problems…

…is what I did today.

Dear Team Stephanie,

If you’ve been following along, you know this blog (and the 100 Days of Code Challenge for me) have experienced a stutter-step lately. Unlimited unstructured time on my hands has led me astray.

Today I spent a lot of time working on problems from CodeWars. So. Fun. It’s back-to-basics, no-long-term-commitment, fun. Today was all JavaScript, all the time.

This gal requires a plan. Here’s a plan.

Tomorrow (Monday):

  • tinker with the React app to get Basic Authorization working with Checkvist


  • two new problems on HackerRank


  • add new CSS to the React app (right now it’s the basic stuff from create-react-app)


  • two new problems on CodeWars


  • anything Python related (my second love)

That is a great start. Plans can be broken, but we’ll see, hopefully not. :-)

Published: March 19 2017