Day 13 100 Days of Code

It was the exercises again and I managed to get two done. One of them gave me just a little trouble with a return statement (more on that below). The third one is not done. It’s doing something error-free, but the something is not 100% accurate. Need more research.

Here is the link to GitHub and the exercises tonight were:


The first thing to give me a headache was I use JavaScript and Angular on the daily, so the concept of a return statement is not new to me. But it tripped me up today in Python. Either I forgot or didn’t know that the Python script does not take a return statement, only their functions take a return statement.

The second thing to give me a headache was It operates on lists, and I’m having trouble getting the raw_input() method to produce a list. I think this is not possible to do this with direct user input, but will likely require manipulating it somehow. I’ll take a stab at it again tomorrow.

When committing to a daily hour-long challenge like this, it seems like nothing - it seems so easy. But when it comes down to actually fitting the hour into my life daily it’s a little harder - that’s the actual challenge. When it comes to sitting down and doing the thing, remarkably it’s not enough! So a realization today is that when future-casting my time, an hour seems daunting. But where the rubber meets the road, an hour is barely enough.

If this #100DaysOfCode is news to you, here’s day #1 with more information:

Published: January 23 2017