100 Days of Code

It’s something I first heard about late last year. I think it was the end of Alexander Kallaway’s first 100 days coding challenge.

Then it came up again more recently on CodeNewbie podcast.

Ultimately, this 100 days challenge is aligned beautifully with my own resolution to code more on non-work projects. And doing this publicly, with a crowd of others, with clear-cut ground rules, will provide a terrific level of accountability. For added bonus, I’ve set my Twitter account to also post to Facebook so hopefully my MakerSquare friends will also help hold my feet to the fire.

This starts Monday, January 9 so today is Day -3. Today I:

  • logged into my defunct blog (thank you to Digital Ocean for keeping it warm while I was AFK)
  • logged into my Twitter account and connected it to Facebook
  • forked Alexander’s 100 Days repository to mine
  • updated the GitHub log for today, Day -3

Tomorrow I will sketch an outline of the work I will do for this challenge. Stay tuned.

In a completely unrelated note, today I received my Hactoberfest participation stickers. Remember in elementary school getting one of those sweet “Participant” ribbons for intramural sports? Yeah, these stickers are like that but they are actually cool! Photos soon.

Published: January 06 2017