Unemployment sucks and involuntary layoff can shred your self-esteem. Trust me, from first hand experience, I know this.

You may have noticed this blog post is dated a full week after the last one. That’s because my layoff day was Thursday last week. It knocked the wind out of me and I spent the next couple days wallowing. Saturday evening I brushed off my resume. Sunday I posted the resume to a couple sites, applied for a few jobs, and watched Superbowl LI. Monday was a flurry of activity as I responded to emails, LinkedIn messages, phone calls, and generally volleyed back any initial interest in my updated resume. Tuesday (yesterday) I was out meeting with recruiters and had my first phone interview. Which leads us to today.

Today I get back into the rhythm of a daily task. Despite being a challenge, and genuinely challenging sometimes, there was a small comfort in having this one, consistent thing going on in my life every single day. I’m looking forward to picking up this thread.

Published: February 08 2017

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