Day xx 100 Days of Code

When the front end code (me) must rely on the changes to the back end code to be done, but it’s not done in time (yesterday) then you spend literally all day catching up on the project. sigh

My day was entirely consumed with getting my half of the project done so the release candidate could be cut from Integration branch. I worked on this until past midnight and my eyes were crossing from sleep. Yesterday was day xx of this 100 days challenge.

According to the rules missing a day is not a crisis, but it also does not count toward the 100. So later today I will pick up with Day #11, as it should have been yesterday. From the FAQ, here:

Q: I’ve missed a day, does it mean I’ve failed the challenge?
A: Absolutely not. You are allowed to miss one day (then make it up by adding one more day to the end of the 100), but never miss two days in a row. This is a great piece of advice on habit formation that I got from Leo Babauta at zen habits.

For today’s hour of code I will fix this darn blog! It’s the default theme, very bare and kind of dull. It’s written in JavaScript with Node, right up my alley, so it should be pretty easy to tinker with. Look forward to some upgrades here by tomorrow! Of course, if you arrive here after today it will already look better.


Published: January 21 2017