And another week goes by!

It’s sometimes hard to believe

Today ended day four of my first week at (unnamed) company. I’ve enjoyed it so far, everyone is so nice. Things were very informal at my last job and I enjoy having things a little more buttoned up (learning more about myself!).

The (unnamed) company is in the middle of separating their division from their former parent company. There is an entire team of almost ten people dedicated to converting assets and data over to AWS, including S3 and Redshift.

Unfortunately, I’m not on this super-busy, deadline-obligated team. So my week has been a lot of “learn more about (unnamed) company and (unnamed) company’s daily process”. On the surface this has seemed like a slow start. But the reality is this is a good way to get going in a new role - get to know the people, the processes, and the company before becoming overwhelmed with the work. I am grateful. There is a lot to like so far.

The only downside is the commute, which absolutely cannot be helped. This week it has been 35-45 minutes in the morning, and 45-60 minutes in the evening. By Los Angeles standards, this is not too bad. But I walked 1.5 miles to work at my last job so this new commute has been a huge adjustment.

Stay tuned for updates, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Published: April 13 2017

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