Day 8.2 - 100 Days of Code

Another code challenge

And another face plant.

Today I was given an opportunity to fix some broken code as part of a code challenge for unnamed company. The instructions for the challenge were the first hurdle. I looked at the code, looked at the instructions, studied the code, studied the instructions, et. al. for more than half an hour before I finally understood what was being asked. Blerg.

The recruiter suggested it takes most people an hour to finish this. Ha ha. I would like to meet these people who take an hour or less to do this particular challenge and I would like them to please mentor me and please tell me what am I seriously doing wrong!

Anyway, on to other things. I’m doing more problems on HackerRank, working through the Algorithm exercises. Not as fun as CodeWars because the input is coming from a server instead of some Jasmine tests, so I can’t see the input. This makes debugging on HackerRank harder.

Later taters, it’s time to sign off.

Published: March 26 2017

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