Day 5.2 - 100 Days of Code

CSS is a mess

Or at least that has been my opinion for a couple years. I have a terrible habit of dismissing things I don’t care for or don’t get right away (or which just I find far too fiddly). CSS has been high on that list for a long time. However, in light of recent circumstances (unemployment, time on my hands) I’m committed to turning that around. Tonight I spent a couple hours playing around with CSS in a no-pressure way. I looked at vanilla CSS, Bootstrap CSS, and PureCSS. I’m not entirely through with this yet, but definitely made a small bit of progress. Ultimately, I’d like to complete the same layout on three identical pages using these three CSS techniques so I can understand the basics of vanilla CSS and the abstraction of Bootstrap and PureCSS.

Thanks for watching, tune in tomorrow when I go off plan and tackle this project again.

Published: March 23 2017

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